Cheetah and a Tiger

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Cheetah and a Tiger

Post by barbosa.ley on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:25 pm

I had these two dreams in the matter of 3 nights. It left me wondering if they both talked about the same thing.

1. I was inside of a car on my driveway, with the window slightly rolled down. There was a cheetah in my front yard and it kind of scared me. My older brother Sergio came out of the house and went really close to it, to pull a twig that was stuck under it. My little brother Johnny walked in and out of the house and didn't seem to mind it. My dad was inside of his car (a different car then what I was in), with the window a little down, growling at it, almost in a provoking type of way. During this entire time I worried for their safety, and even though I tried to convince myself that maybe it wasn't that unsafe, if my family didn't think so, I couldn't. The cheetah felt unsafe and unstable, it ran around with all this energy (though it never left my front lawn), and it felt really unpredictable.

2. Me and my family were at an amusement park. In this dream I had two siblings that I don't have in real life. I had a little brother (age 3-5) named Justice, who was very sweet, and had a special bond with me and my mother. I also had a half sister (age 5-7) who lacked any real presence in the dream. Justice was holding a leash with a tiger on it. I walked up to him, and my mom said that he wanted to try holding the leash for a bit, so she let him. The tiger made me feel apprehensive, since it was unstable and soon enough it start acting out with energy and unpredictability (very similar to the Cheetah). My little brother Lucas (age 20) was kind of stirring it up for fun, and it made me feel very concerned. I noticed a book off to the side tittled "The Harvest". The tiger jumped into a body of water that was there nearby, and my little brother Lucas jumped in after it. Soon enough the tiger fled futher into the water; my brother Lucas, and a couple of other members of the family ran after it. The interesting thing, was that they were running "on" the water (as if walking on water). I jumped in after them, and also could run on the water, except I was going almost slow motion compared to the speed the rest of them ran in.

Very curious at to what these dreams mean. Any insight would be truly appreciated!

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Re: Cheetah and a Tiger

Post by Shan on Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:40 pm

Hi Barbosa,

I would definitely say the dreams are related. I don't have a specific answer for you, but I would consider what the name Justice may mean here. When a name appears in a dream of mine, I try to consider it's meaning in the context of the dream. If it doesn't seem related in the context of the dream, I look for its meaning in my waking life. Are you or your mother standing in the gap for the salvation of a family member?
I read in one of my dream books by a Christian author that said that a tiger could mean the power of the soul.

These are just some thoughts to consider...If they don't fit, toss them.

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