symbols, crown and stars with Jesus?

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symbols, crown and stars with Jesus?

Post by globalhealth4 on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:45 am

There I was in this dream sitting down and looking into what seemed to be the sky. Very pretty color--royalish purple, not to dark and not to light. I heard someone talking to me and I knew someone was sitting next to me on my left. We both were looking into this sky that had circles of symbols. there were a few circles, but the cirlces were made up of symbols that I could not recognize--some reminding me of astrological signs and one inparticular-----------a crown. And when I noticed this crown and when the voice spoke it said something to the effect of Jesus is on the left of you with His crown......

I didn't understand why Jesus would be seated on my left side with His crown and for some odd reason, I could not look to the person actually sitting on my left side! and all of the symbols were star bright with a hint of purplelish in them. I suppose the color of the sky mixed in with them. These symbols were also tiny stars connected with a line like connect the dots. stars that were connect to make the symbol basically.

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