These dreams are connected somehow

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These dreams are connected somehow

Post by lori satterfield on Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:57 pm

2/18 had a dream about walking out of a forest where I saw people walking lizards, snakes and alligators on leashes. I was holding my dog as I walked through and when I got through, I stopped to let a marching band come by who had the symbol of peace on there shirts.

Another dream, same night- I was being given some running shoes by a white man with a white robe on. He was smiling and happy.

2/19 - I was walking through an airport when someone grabbed my bag and I screamed someone took my bag and the police began chasing the person. I then began to run but it seemed as if I was flying and running because I was covering alot of distance quicker. I then ran and flew up the escalator and it seemed that I grabbed a Nan's arm and I used this person to brace myself and propel forward. I got to the top of the escalator and stopped. I then saw a long highway in front of me with the sun beaming and I woke up.

Symbols -
New Shoes: new ministry or way of life
Running: working out my soul salvation; faith
Flying/soaring: moved by the spirit; ministering in the gifts of the spirit
Escalator: process, promotion, ambition
Airport: waiting, preparing, being made ready for ministry, travel and change
Long highway: faith, truth, way of life, time

After praying, God gave me the gifts of God come without repentance
And upon this rock, I build my church and the gates of hell cannot prevail.
I will give you power to tread upon serpents....

Any thoughts! Thanks

lori satterfield
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