Chuck and the Woman in the Colorful Dress

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Chuck and the Woman in the Colorful Dress

Post by tarzanbeta on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:49 am

I go into a bedroom where my wife is laying. I am holding our baby Dylan. I lay down on the bed with the baby and I am playing with him.
My wife's former boss, Diana, is sitting in a chair in the corner of the room opposite of us. She says she is ready to lay back down.
I feel myself feeling a little tired at that moment, but I get up with the baby anyway and leave so that she can lay down.

I go into a living room area and there is either a computer or TV playing something. My wife is on the couch wrapped up in a blanket. I let Dylan
crawl around on the floor for a couple of minutes. I look again and he is sleeping on a blue tarp in the middle of the carpet.

I was then walking out of a store. I was walking out of the door and directly around the corner, in the same plaza, directly to the left,
there is a door going to a place that I felt like was "Pizza Hut". I opened the door and walked in.

When I first walked in, I saw a small image of a man in white holding pizza on one of those artisan pizza holders with the long handles.
Then I proceeded to walk towards the register where I saw a small children's table with a couple of kids and adults sitting there. They had plates (upon which I saw nothing) and they had transparent dark green fancy wine glasses. One glass had wine in it and it belonged to a relatively mature, well-kept woman with short hair of many different shades of dark brown and blonde.

Directly behind this table was the register. As I walked up, there was a man standing next to me. The man turned and looked at me and greeted me. He put out his hand to shake and I shook it. Then the man behind the counter put out his hand and greeted me. I shook his hand too(his hand felt somewhat small). This man was a little older,
balding with some silver hair on the sides of his head, and when I shook his hand, I shook it with a strong grip. The man was somewhat displeased with the strength of the handshake. Then a woman came up behind me from the right side and held my hand up and said, "Your hands are horrifyingly large." (In real life, I have
"man-hands", indeed.) I sort of humbled when she said that. Others behind the counter were complimenting me, and I was feeling humbled and blushed greatly.

The guy next to me, the first hand that I shook, was a man with black, slick, combed, and full,
short hair and a button up long sleeve shirt and slacks (like a young to middle-aged salesman). He laughed a little at her statement that my hands were horrifyingly large.

Then another man behind the counter introduced himself to me. He was black, thin, had a maroon long sleeve T-shirt on, and he had a large, clean afro.
When he introduced himself, he said "My name is John." We shook hands. He was very pleasant to meet. (I have never met this man before, ever. But I can
easily recall his face from the dream. He was young, handsome, had intelligent eyes, and a smooth face.)

Then there was a larger crowd beside me at the counter. And another guy introduced himself to me from my right side.
More people introduced themselves to me and I felt like, after John, everyone that introduced themselves to me was somewhat familiar.

Then a cousin I haven't seen in a very long time, who I call "Chuck", came over to me. He wrapped his arm around my neck and said,
"Hey buddy how's it going?!" and I said, "How you doin?" - it felt happy, but it was very awkward, too. I didn't like him much this time. Something was changed about him that I wasn't sure of. Even the way he styled his facial hair was bothering me. (Though I am not sure why because the style wasn't necessarily anything different or special...) He had what I call "young acoustic guitar playing hair". It was chin to shoulder length,
and had dark brown roots and the rest was blonde highlighted. Even his facial hair was blonde and dark brown and long(less bushy, more stringy).

He was showing me on some form of tablet or phone a video of himself. Apparently he had made a music video. He was rapping in it.

The music in the scene was well produced and the "song" seemed to be sound, interestingly enough. The rap wasn't incredibly annoying
for some reason. IT was him, and it was okay. I felt like I liked THAT better than I liked some other one's music that had apparently crossed my mind;
and although that some other one's music is a brand I consider, I liked Chuck's music more because He had SUFFERED and his music EXPRESSED
that - like his heart and soul was intertwined with his music.

Then then I found myself being led away from the people. I walked past the register through a doorway into halls with white walls and a concrete floor. I was walking alone I thought, but then I arrived at a door and a man was in front of me.
I said, "Yes, this is where they told me it would be. Thank you." And he walked away. He said no words and didn't look at me. He just walked away with his face solid and chin straight. This man was black, middle-aged, had short dark hair, and had a nice maroon sweater with a button-up shirt underneath it and he had slacks on.

I open the door and close it behind me and I see that the door has a huge window in it. But the window had no glass. It was wide open.
I felt like this was the rest room.

Then, time lapsed, and I found myself feeling like I was about to explode if I did not pee. I was INSANELY full and had to release NOW.
I ran back and forth trying to find a spot - there were plenty of spots, but I couldn't take them. I was so insane from the urge that then I could no longer think and I could barely see. I was just frantic and panicky. I untucked my shirt and made way for myself.

I could not contain it. It started coming out harsh, and fast, and it didn't stop. I apparently had found myself leaning against a wall and in front of me there was like a trash can and I was trying to make sure it got there. It wasn't easy, and a lot of it was getting there, but I was barely conscious. I felt like someone was coming soon, and I was still going. I FILLED THE TRASH CAN TO THE TOP. And it was a tall and voluminous trash can, like the trash cans you generally find in large public rest rooms; but it was made of aluminum or some shiny metal.
And I still had the urge that there was more left to release. But I could hold what I had at this point, so I released a little more and then closed myself up.

I felt like people were waiting and that I needed to get back quickly. I start to walk out and I briefly see a man wearing a grey suit walking down the hall (which is long and
empty with white walls and a wood floor). I then realize I will be around people and I don't want to be dirty or smell dirty or look disheveled.

So I run back into the restroom area and start tucking my shirt in and straightening myself out. I was wearing a solid white, long sleeve, button-up dress shirt and black jeans.

I find an extra room and I go into it. I am looking for something to make myself smell good. It's a very small room.

Then as I turn my head I see a beautiful woman in a very colorful dress next to me. The dress is a summer dress, high quality, and with the colors Green, Red, and Yellow. The Red is in the center of the yellow and the yellow is in between the Red and the Green, which is the most prominent color in the dress (The colors are like the colors of a heat sensor; or like the colors on a weather service doppler radar - the kind of colors you see during storms). And her shoulders are covered but her arms are showing. She had strawberry blonde, chin to shoulder length, straight, shiny hair.
I had no problem with her being there and I had no discomfort with her. I was still trying to make myself ready. So I was looking back and forth for something to freshen up with. Then I look at her and see a can of some kind of refresher, almost like a new Febreeze aluminum container, in a pocket on the dress on her left breast. I take it out and say, "let me see this." I look at it and I do not recognize the brand
but I get the impression that I will smell somewhat girly. I think to myself, "Better to smell somewhat girly than to smell bad." SO I start spraying it under my arms, under my shirt, on my body, even a little on my hair and clothes. Then the woman in the beautiful dress was holding some form of lotion. She went to get lotion out and the lotion ended up shooting out. The lotion ended up getting on the left shoulder of my shirt. I began to wipe it off with a cloth.

She said, "Oh no! I am so sorry!" And I said, "No, don't worry. It's okay!" And I smiled and comforted her by rubbing and patting her back.

And that was the end.
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