Banner of Pastor over church

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Banner of Pastor over church

Post by Destine on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:26 pm

I'm arriving with my family to church, I have a notebook/pen in my hand when I get out of the car.
My pastor comes out of the building, he sees me and says "Make a note of this, I want a banner this big with my face on it. I want everyone who arrives here to see it." He pointed to the support beam of the building, all the way down to the second support beam. (about 15 feet.) I gave him a bizarre look because it didn't sound like something he would say. My family and I go inside service, three different ministries put together a band and were playing for service. My pastor's wife comes over to my mother, she speaks (pastor's wife) I hear nothing coming out though.
She comes over again during our fellowship portion of service; PW(pastor's wife) asks my mom if we know what's going on at our former church. My mother says no, PW than asks if we can recruit members from our old church to come to our church. I found it to be very confusing, and PW's looked very odd and sinister
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