Airplane crashing in corn field

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Airplane crashing in corn field

Post by musicladyalways on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:21 am

Scratch Chin I am on a plane On my way to a destination. (Not sure where) The plane was full to capacity. On the way to the location, without warning, a fire begins at the front of the airplane where the pilot drives. (The pilot was just as shocked as we were about the plane) The plane started going down.. As it was going down. I began to use my weight to shift the plane so we could land in a safe place since no one else was doing anything to help besides the pilot. We ended up landing in the middle of a field, (like in old country times), in a portion of a corn field. After we landed everyone looked out to see if it was safe to get out. Everyone got out and I ran to the pilot and jumped in his arms and said thank you thank you so much! He said, oh for what? And smiled. He said, I was just doing my job. He began to leave and I asked him where he was going. He said he was going to some state and he was walking there. I said, I am going with you. He said where are you trying to go.. I said Texas he said no one is going that way. I wish you would have told me.. I just gave a plane ticket to that guy. I looked up and there was a guy who had long coat on holding on to the side of a black limo, he jumped off of it and then started walking in the middle of the highway. From the time he said he was going to leave up until the end of the dream he carried me.

I had this dream before and ended up living in the country, walked a dirt road, hid from danger because someone was trying to put people in slavery/kill them, I met a family and ended up staying with them. We helped each other out and ended up making new friends.

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