Party and a Baby in a Car Seat

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Party and a Baby in a Car Seat

Post by sara876 on Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:31 pm


This is my first time here. I've had many God-given dreams and usually understand them, but the one I had a few weeks ago I do not understand and is very concerning. Here is the dream:

A male friend of mine walked into a party with a baby in a car seat (girl), his son was not with him. The party was not a place for children, (alcohol, etc.) He placed the car seat on a table and came into the kitchen to greet me. He was more polite than usual and was very affectionate towards me (kissing with eyes open). When I looked over and asked who's baby it was (more than once) he wouldn't respond. He said nothing then walked over to the baby and started washing off her neck in the car seat. His behavior was strange and unusual.

I just don't understand but I know it means something.

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