Blue diamonds coming out of faucet

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Blue diamonds coming out of faucet

Post by Destine on Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:34 pm

I don't really understand this dream: I'm in my former Church helping set up for a luncheon. I'm carrying a box of bulletins; I go into the restroom after sitting the box down on a table. In the bathroom, I hear an alarm going off (almost like the sound of police sirens) I'm hiding from someone, my mom calls me on my cellphone. I ignore it, I dart out of there into th kitchen. The faucet is running and it's deep blue, it looks like blue diamonds. I end up standing in the sanctuary, I hear music playing from the band practicing. I go into the gym and talk to a friend, I don't recognize this person at all. I go into his car with him, we listen to creflo dollar; and he kisses me.
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