Pregnant? Dreamed of miscarrying. Brown blood?

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Pregnant? Dreamed of miscarrying. Brown blood?

Post by lori satterfield on Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:26 pm

My daughter is 7 weeks pregnant and is experiencing brown droplets and is at hospital where they are telling her that she is having a threatened miscarriage. She is praying that she is not but she also had a dream last night in which she dreamed that she was bleeding and lost baby. So she is not sure whether God is warning her and if she should fight. It has always been my belief that God reveals to redeem. This is her first pregnancy.

Would like the saints to pray? Because the pregnancy was a surprise to her and she decided not to abort because believed God wanted her to have it. Also me and mother in law prayed that she would hear above the noise in her mind and not abort and she did.

They sent her home to rest

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