Royal Palace Bombed

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Royal Palace Bombed

Post by gracee (lionhgirl) on Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:32 pm

I was outside my house at night time. I was standing on the street when I heard someone coming so I ran into the house. None of the lights were on, so the house was really dark. But I heard that the TV was on and so I went into the rumpus. I heard a 'breaking news' announcement which said the royal palace had been bombed and Princess Kate’s husband had died. Her husband wasn't William, it was someone else. So I thought that now she could marry William because they belong together. Kate was about to make a speech. And I thought this is interesting, she's making a speech about her husband being killed, when she was also killed - because she was Princess Kate, but she was also Princess Diana. It was like the two had morphed into one body, and it wasn't strange in the dream.

gracee (lionhgirl)
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Re: Royal Palace Bombed

Post by ditte3 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:32 am

What was your main feeling?

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Re: Royal Palace Bombed

Post by tarzanbeta on Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:59 am

Being outside your house at night time represents the usual dream beginning when you are sleeping.
The road represents you waiting for direction.
The "someone coming" was a spirit sent to force you back into the house.

This dream is focused on reality.

That is why the house is completely dark. No light is being shed on anything else at all except for the news you are receiving.

The portion of the "breaking news" that you heard, not saw, is the part that needs to be understood more spiritually.

The royal palace became under attack from spiritual forces. This caused dissension, and therefore the changing of the personalities.

Kate's husband is William - but who she has been dealing with is not necessarily the person that William wants to be.

William changed for the better.
Kate changed on account of his change.

This is the death of William and Kate - that as characters of the palace, they are no longer.

The part that you saw is the part that needs to be interpreted more realistically.

Kate is about to make a speech, though she and her husband have both "died" (They have simply changed; also, they have died TO THE PALACE). But her figure and the figure of Diana meld. The reason is because after this spiritual attack on the royal palace and the change in the attitudes of William and Kate, Kate will begin to take the steps to act similarly as Princess Diana once had.

William and Kate will both represent the same ideals Diana once represented.

Whereas Kate had formerly married the Royal William; she will now be married to William the man, son of Diana, one of the world's most beloved charitable women.

"Breaking News" means that the process has begun.

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Re: Royal Palace Bombed

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