Another warning?

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Another warning?

Post by Habakkuk on Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:29 pm

Have you ever had such a moment where you ponder the level of injustice in this world and where you wish that you could literally (VERY literally!) beat some sense into all those people who only care about themselves? I had such a moment today, but then it was as if God gave me a gentle warning about me getting lost in violent dreams. I had no choice but to acknowledge that he was and still is right about warning me about this, but I also spat out my heart about how difficult it is to not become angry at the sight of what is going on in this world. People are cruel and violent and people seem to only care about themselves and everything in me is yearning to see an end to this! I simply want this whole stuff to end for good.

And yes, I know that God knows best, but he knows my feelings and thoughts anyway, so why not be honest with him? I still intend to stay away from such thoughts, but seriously, this is difficult and I was honest to God about this! I mean, even if I was able to lie to God, why should I? I know that he is omniscient and that nothing that I can say, pray or even think is new to him, but for some reason I still feel it necessary to simply tell him. I guess it is an emotional bonding thing and also a matter of being honest to myself, but maybe there is more to it.

Also, when I think of this thread here then I see a general theme God that seems to want to teach me. Maybe I am more in danger of becoming self-righteous than others, or maybe I am in danger of admiring the "tough guy" image a bit too much?

Any input would be appreciated!

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