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the Innermost.

Post by tarzanbeta on Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:52 am

yes, my dreams are commonly this long. At first when I woke I couldn't remember any of it. I asked for it to be brought back to my memory. As I was recording the dream, it all flooded back in with great detail. Here it is.


I'm going down a highway in the middle of the day. There are trees on both sides of the highway. It's a one-way highway. I'm in some kind of strange device. It has wheels, but I sit on it, not in it. It's like a bike with body-armor. It looks sort of like a stapler actually, except when I press down on it with my hands it cranks it and causes it to move forward.

It is just me and this blonde girl about my age riding these devices side by side. I felt like changing the channel and then I looked back and it was as if the forest line was actually a shelf and I had left the DVD remote on that shelf. I couldn't turn back to get it.

So then the girl, as we are moving forward, starts talking about training. She says something to the effect of that there is no turning back and that we need to move forward and there hasn't been much training for this.

So I begin to work my device more quickly. And then she begins to work her device more quickly.

So we are cruising down the highway pretty quickly in these strange devices.

But then the highway turns into a grocery store aisle, like the kind found at Wal-Mart. At the end of the aisle there are islands with product on pallets. I skid into the island, lightly. Then girl was there next to me also. She got off the device there and began walking towards the front of the store. Before I followed her there, my friend Andrew randomly shows up and signals that he is going to pick up some things real quick. He does and comes back before I even get a chance to move much further than the island towards the front of the store; he holds a bag of bread as if to say, "I'm getting this and you're carrying this!" And I said, "No, no, I'm not carrying that." I was thinking that there was a basket on the device I was using to drive, but that I didn't want the extra weight interfering with the momentum or making driving more difficult. He threw the bag of bread to me anyway. Then I said, "Fine, I'll carry it." As I started to walk away, he motioned for me to stop and then threw me a brand new, untouched, plastic-wrapped, sleek dark red bicycle helmet. I thought to him that I was fine, but he insisted. He was also carrying other things, like things to drink.

Then we walked toward the front of the store. As I was walking by checkouts, I was thinking, "I don't know how I will pay him back, so I will have to accept the helmet as a gift." I was very thankful at that moment.

But I did not get to proceed to checkouts.

As I neared the checkouts, it turns out that there were two people that were supposed to be running the checkouts, but they were busy doing something else. They had other people around them. It was a guy and a girl.

They were saying that had a huge problem with getting things done.

I saw that they needed help because they were saying that their manager wasn't doing anything and did not know what to do with their situation. They were sitting around a computer trying to figure things out. So I said, "What needs to be done." as I put what I was carrying on a table - it should be noted that I was no longer carrying a bicycle helmet, but a pair of women's shoes wrapped in a plastic bag; this is what I put on the table-- This girl was saying that there was a big problem and there was a big mess and they didn't know how to fix it. The mess turned out to be something super simple - soda had gotten out of control and spilled everywhere. They had left the soda on top of the table with the cap off and as I was checking out the situation, I bumped into it and more spilled out and it just sat there on top of the table. I was standing low underneath the table pointing out to the girl what needed to be done. I said that she needed to use a straight vacuum cleaner and suck up the extra moisture in lines on the carpet and then to continue to soak up and scrub the area. She stood up and begin to walk away saying, "But there is another way, an easier way." There was a janitor lady there and she said, "We used to just pull up the carpet and roll it up. It was easier."

But it wasn't easier. There were pins holding down the sides, and when I tried to pull one side up, the carpet was ripping. I also pulled up the carpet and the whole side came up and bumped into the janitor lady. So instead of pulling it all the way into her, I just made a very strong, long leap forward over the carpet next to the wall and proceeded to roll the carpet up the sides slowly.

I ended up leaping over to the store exit. I walked out the door and started to attempt to work the lock on the door while the door was still open. Then I looked around behind the door and I saw a narrow, silver flight of stairs. IN the middle of the stairs was a chain blocking off the way-up, and there was a sign on the chain that said, "Dark Trapp." I thought to myself, "really? So there is a darker version of April?" (In real life, an old friend, like a sister, April Trapp[maiden name]) Then I saw a darker version of April at the top of the stairs and she just walked away.

So I moved away from those stairs and walked around the other side and there was another door. I opened it and there was yet another flight of silver stairs going up. Michael Jackson was walking the stairs. For some reason at this point, I felt transparent or naked. So I closed the door.

Then I am in the upstairs of our house and it is very dark except for a little light. My mom was there and she was giving me advice and telling me what to do.

I was not fond of her advice at all.

I said to my mom, "You know what I think? I think you need religion. If you find religion, then maybe I will do what you say."

I felt Big Chris' presence there.

Then I stood up and walked away from her, shutting my mind to her advice.

Then I heard prayer in my mind like thoughts. I don't know what was said.

Then I was sitting in a room full of people. The room was somewhat dark. There was a man with musician style hair and clothing, standing at a podium with a microphone.

I felt a voice saying to me, "You are not alone my child. You are not an individual, but a part of a unit. The people in this room are all a part of the unit. That unit IS my child."

As the man at the podium was trying to speak, a guy from the audience interrupted. He had a smart phone with the android logo on it in his hand. He said, "I have something I would like to share, can I?" So he handed his phone to the man at the podium. The phone was having a hard time playing the video and the sound that the guy wanted to share.

I could feel myself thinking, "NO. Don't let him interrupt."

But the man at the podium finally got the video to play. He somehow displayed the video from the phone for everyone. The video was of the guy who shared the phone - and he was playing riffs on an electric guitar. The music was a tune I recognized, only in the dream. There was a capo really high on the guitar, on the 14th fret.

He was playing well, but I thought, "Show some real skill and barre those notes with your fingers instead of a capo." But I did enjoy the playing. It was interesting.

Then when the video finished, the man at the podium just smirked and handed the phone back to the guy and said, "You're the man."

Then there was a strange quick blurb in the middle of the dream. I was wrestling my brother Blake. In the dream he was super strong, and really tall; he was a HUGE GIANT. Everyone knew he was really tough.

But I still won wrestling.

I walked through a hallway alone afterwards feeling somewhat strong, but still feeling skinny, weak, inadequate.

Then I was outside this very large building, like an ancient temple, but build more modern-like. And I was staring at a window which said, "King's Head" on it. This was almost like a storefront window. This was on the east side of the building. There was a large stair-step patio or porch in front of the building and it was made of brick. It had large pillars in it.

The window at which I was staring looked almost like a plaque. There was a statement typed on a piece of paper that was within the glass.

The statement had many words and sayings in it and I don't remember all of what it said. But summed up, the entire document meant this, "Now that all things are complete, the Future is no longer a mystery." The words were being attributed to someone named "Rick Bailey".

(It should be noted that in real life I went to elementary school with a Rick Bailey. I did not speak with him much, neither did I know him well. I haven't spoken with him in over 13 years at least. I do know from Facebook that he likes to workout and buy guns. And his grammar is much better than it used to be. That's about it.)

Then I looked under the window and there was a jar with a picture on it. The picture was of Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer and their faces were VERY deformed around the eyes and there was a pot leaf on next to their faces.

(It should also be noted that I do not watch much television at all; and especially not much television before bed. Nothing here can be attributed specifically to television.)

Then I walked into the large building and went to the other side of that window. I began to lay down in front of the window. It felt like I was in a dark corridor area.

Then I heard a group of people - a lot of people that I know and that I feel are close.

So I stood up quickly and went to see what they were doing.

They were looking for me.

The one seeking me most was my mother.

So I hid between two pillars because for a moment I thought to play a prank and jump out and surprise her. But I didn't.

I just walked out casually around the pillars to the outside of the building onto the steps.

The person that felt like my mother looked like and sounded like Meryl Streep. She was dressed in a black dress and she had a straw hat with flowers all around the rim.

When she saw me she was so happy to see me. It was like she thought I was lost. She held out her arms.

When I walked up to her, She had two cigarettes in her fingers. She was passing one to me. They were lit.

I felt a lot of close people watching.

I felt like I was glad to see her and everyone else - like I had been gone for a while.

Then I wake up.
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