Fighting and Airport !!!

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Fighting and Airport !!!

Post by king Rex on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:51 pm

I woke up from this dream really tired because of the running I did and I physically felt the pain of it. In the dream.

A friend of mine IRL called Edwin [E] came to me to escort him to another friend IRL Godfred [G] who was then working at the airport. So [E] gave me an envelop which I put it down and went with him to see [G] at the airport. E then gave G, his CV for work and they planned to meet the next day. I then came home and when I opened the envelop it was full with money !!! As soon as my uncle IRL saw it, he began to fight me for the money, we fought real hard but I never relent the money to him.
Suddenly I was in a room with another friend [A] and discussing our next job move, so together we went to the airport. We saw [E] entering what seem to be a meeting for employees. I then told [A] I can't work no more at the airport because of an incident which occurred in the past working there, we left discussing our next plan.

PS: IRL I have worked at the airport before, about five years ago.

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