angel holding staff like Moses

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angel holding staff like Moses

Post by Destine on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:05 am

I'm in this house getting ready and my friend is there. We're having a good time and we start dancing, I se this angel holding a staff(Reminds me of Moses) I tell my friend "Do you see that angel?" my friend thinks I'm joking and starts talking about other things. My friend and I go out to eat at this resteraunt, everything seems OK. I have to use the bathroom, when I get to the restroom I see water in the sink that's on fire. It stops once I touch the faucet. When I exit the bathroom, this waitress runs into me and I fall down. She apologizes while she tries to help me up. An angel appears ( I know it's in angel taken in human form) he helps me up, and I see the numbers 8&15 in his eyes.
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