Sent to Outer Space

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Sent to Outer Space

Post by unaday* on Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:35 pm

I dreamt that my boss gave me the opportunity to go to outer space. When I arrived it had a distinct smell that I could almost taste it. There were unique creatures floating in the air- some which I felt comfortable to explore and examine and some I had a bit of fear to even get close to. I remember I was barefooted and on a white substance like sand. I was then taken to a 'space plaza' where quite a few people were. When I entered I could feel 'sin' in the atmosphere and thought to myself "I never considered that sin could be outer space?" then i thought to myself that this particular area has never experienced worship. When i fully looked around i saw porn, gambling and drinking. I then realized the time. I knew I had to get back to the space shuttle for 10 am because if I miss it Umy oxygen tank would run out and I could die. As I was heading back to the shuttle I bumped into my sister in law heading back to the same shuttle and it was great to see her. I was also happy that i could experience singing one of my favourite worship sings in outer space.We headed back together. When I got back to earth I went to visit my dad. I was so happy to go to outer space and my dad was proud of me.Behind him was a clock not digital both hands pointing to 12-- it was noon. I wanted to broadcast this trip all over Facebook. I could still taste that distinct taste/smell of space in my mouth. Then I remembered I forgot something of mine on the shuttle. I went to look for the shuttle but couldn't remember how to get there


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Re: Sent to Outer Space

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:28 am

Hello, Unaday -

Do you have any real life opportunities ahead of you that, to you, would be as unique or even foreign as outer space?

I was thinking that the things that you experienced in your dream would leave you feeling the same way in real life: The feeling of sin all around you in this place, and the thoughts you had about so many never having experienced worship.

You bumped into your sister in the dream and you were heading back to the same place. Is she someone you could see in real life? Perhaps the experience is related to her, somehow. Like, if you two don't attend the same types of churches, or she invites you to a place where you sense that sinfulness around you like you did in the dream.

In the end, you were happy to have gone there and wished to share it on FB. I was thinking that these thoughts and feelings are literal for when the trip is over.


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