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Post by Keeper of Truth on Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:31 pm

Dream: I had a long dream early this morning and I was rather stirred up by it. It was in two parts, because I was woken up by the cats miauing. I got up to go to the toilet and when I came back I fell right back asleep - the dream continued. Even now I can still feel the rejection I felt all along. At the beginning I was in a jail with some other people (we seem to visit there), but the situation was different to what I know from when I visited Wes. It seemed he was there too, but when we left he came with us. We went with a train and on the train there was this couple with us. I don't know the lady (or her husband), but there was some connection developing. Her husband and she where quite talkative. Not sure where we went or what we really did (other than being on a journey and having some conversation I don't remember in different locations even?). The next thing I remember was that Wes (I just sensed that it must be him) again broke up with me. We where sitting at a table when he told me. I felt so rejected and powerless. We then went to this big beautiful house and it seemed we where invited for dinner at Britta's & Michael's place. They were together, but were fighting so badly that it was embarrassing (I have been witness of that in reality). I remember when in the house we were on the top level and came into a beautiful, large area. The house was beautiful and spacious, all in white. Here it seemed as if it wasn't Wes, but Andre I was with. They brought in the meal, but I must have left before we even could eat, because I suddenly found myself in a room just by myself. I felt left, betrayed and lonely. I called this lady and I really wanted to talk about Wes, but for some reason we really talked over each others head and I did not feel any comfort at all. This feeling is very real to me as well. Its exactly how I felt so often after Wes and I seperated. There was some young boy coming into the room too and I felt I couldn't really talk, but I told him that I needed privacy so he left.
After this I went to some large property not sure why, but after I parked my car there, Michael (Bobka) came, but he seemed so against me and really hostile. I walked over with him to a big shed and some fruit trees beside it. It seemed there where grapefruit on the tree (lots of them). I saw one really large one and pointed it out to him. He then started picking them. Thinking about it now I can see how pale they all were. Also the next tree had lots of fruit, ripe but very pale. Then there was a high standing stump or something and I saw two white, cake-like buns sitting on there. I could reach them very easily. I looked at them closely, the consistency was like Pavlova or dumplings. They were round risen cakes with a diameter of about 15cm. I snatched a tiny little piece before I walked off. At first it seemed it was just eggwhite, but then I felt and tasted that there was some texture to it. It tasted very different to anything I ever tasted, a bit starchy may be. Somehow I thought may be that's manna cake the bread from heaven has been served? I then walked away from it, leaving Michael behind and walking towards my car that was parked in the field I walked passed the shed. It was an old type of shed and the doors were shut. I looked at the doors closely, the inside of the shed was dark. I didn't stop for long but continued walking. That's were my dream ended.

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