New Car and snake.

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New Car and snake.

Post by musicladyalways on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:06 am

There was a snake.. a black snake that wrapped itself around my leg all of the time. Everywhere I went, the snake would follow me. It was the quickest snake you had ever seen. I would pry it off and throw it.. but before I could look down,. it had attached itself back to my leg. I ended up getting into a new car with my husband. It was black on black and smelled just like a new car. I could tell it was fully loaded. The snake was on my leg.. so I decided to forcefully take of the snake and throw him out of the car as he backed the car out of the garage. I did so and I did not see the snake anymore..

Literal: My husband and I are not together. Literal feeling: Why is he here? I was not afraid of the snake.. just frustrated he kept on wrapping himself around my leg.

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