My friends son dies then he dances and plays with Angels in the night sky.

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My friends son dies then he dances and plays with Angels in the night sky.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:17 am

Hi me beloved friend of the most high.

I had this dream this morning and I need confirmation.


My friend asks me to come and help her with her house she had just lost her older son several weeks prior, he had died. Now IRL he is not dead. We are sleeping out side on the front porch in the country because it is so beautiful and the stars are shining so brightly. My friend Jackie is still in a great place of grieving and she shares a little bit with me about it and I just listen to her. Then her other son comes to us and goes mom look! He points to the sky and says Jordon is dancing with angels! :angel: I look up and I see the most beautiful scene :eek: where it was in bright colors it almost looked animated, and Jordon is up in the sky dancing and playing with all these angels it lite up the whole sky you could not miss it. My friend Jackie goes where I do not see anything. I try to help point her to where we are watching this beautiful scene with Jordon and she still can't see it and I am amazed because it is in plain sight. She walks away and I am just gazing on this beauty in the sky with Jordon playing and dancing with the angels. :uhoh: I then realize she can not see through the pain of the loss in her heart. bandaid Then Jackie calls for me and I am like where are you? She says, over here and she is in this like Bamboo contraption on the front porch, it is hard to explain but it is round and it has a little wooden bamboo box inside where you can squeeze yourself inside of it if you wanted. I look inside the round bamboo thing and Jackie is squeezed inside the little container thing and she says to me," guess Jeanie what I think when I sit inside here? I then bent down closer to her and put my head against hers and I started to guess and I joked around a bit to lighten things up for her and to put a smile on her face. :goofy: So then I guessed it because I had a sense in the spirit the answer and I said," you feel like Moses who was sent down the stream." She said yes. The depression was all over her face and I could feel her pain and loss as she would weep off and on. Then we went over to where the rest of her family was and I talked to someone that was not her family but who was warm and understanding of Jackie's loss and I sought counsel and shared my heart. I told this person that I loved Jackie and it hurt me to see her go through this and asked what can I do to just be there for her. The person said she needs someone like you who has come into their own in the Lord who will allow her to be here in this place where she is because it will work itself out in time.

Blessings and thanks for reading the long

Jeanie :bighug:
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