Series of strange dreams (one with tornadoes)

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Series of strange dreams (one with tornadoes)

Post by dreamsolace2001 on Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:26 pm

Good afternoon,
I had a series of strange dreams last night. Here are the details I remember from each in order of when I had the dream:

First I had a dream I was squatting down talking with my friends' 2 year old little boy named Christian so I was at his level. No one else was with us. He was pointing up to a large painting of Jesus and asking me who he is. I started telling him all about Jesus and his love for us but was also thinking about how to explain who Jesus is without frightening him with the details of his death and also of Satan. (I've never babysat him in real life so this seems unusual)
Next I brought him with me somewhere I wasn't familiar with. We were outside and I was talking with my brother and his friends and I introduced them to little Christian. Then I was talking with my friend Adrienn (she is a very close friend of mine who is a Christian and has her own massage therapy business). Somehow I got in a car and drove away to my friends Eric & Amy's house (who are Christian's parents). I realized when I got to their home that I had left Christian behind and I was worried that although he was with my brother that my brother wasnt paying attention to him because he would have thought I was watching little Christian. I rushed back to get Christian and I found him sitting on the ground. As I was talking to him I saw some dark clouds rolling in. I told him we have to leave right away because there is a storm coming. I put him in the car. I saw several tornadoes coming. I was very scared. I began driving to my friend Adrienn's work (which didn't look anything like reality). It was rough gravelly roads that seemed to go up and down (I live in Florida where everything is flat so that's unusual as well). Adrienn was standing outside and I yelled to her to hurry up and leave because there are tornadoes coming. There were several in number (I didn't count them) and they were long and skinny. I hurried and drove as fast as I could to get away from the tornadoes. I don't remember anything after that.

The next dream I had I was with the worship leader of our church and his wife (I'm a singer on the worship team). I had a dream that they both worked at my company which is far from reality. In reality they both work in an orchestra and I work in Marketing. We were all together attending a mass company meeting. Someone announced to everyone "If you like a raise stand up. If you would like to quit stand up." I was afraid to stand up so I remained seated next to Ashley who is the worship leader's wife. Her husband Jeff stood up. The next instruction the announcer gave was for all those standing to come to the middle of the room and line up to walk out. Each of them was handed a pink slip (they were being fired). Ashley and I looked at eachother baffled and I told her that there is no way are boss is going to let them fire Jeff because he is such a good musician. Next I went to talk to a bunch of others at work and said to them this is likely just to eliminate some from the company and there will likely be a second round of layoffs. People that I was telling looked annoyed with me and I realized that I interupted their birthday celebration. (one of my old boss's who no longer works for the company was having a birthday). They were whispering to each other so I felt like they were talking about me so I walked away embarrassed.

The next dream I was in my old home (from my childhood). My phone kept going off because I was getting many text messages. I looked and it was my friend Adrienn who I mentioned before. She sent me such a long message that it texted my phone over and over. I told my parents I couldn't believe she sent me 47 text messages.

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