A tornado like storm... Minus the tornado

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A tornado like storm... Minus the tornado

Post by Janelleltorres on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:32 pm

The dream was about my husband and I. We were in a tornado type storm in this small town that was almost like A town he had grown up in. Everyone had left or was about to leave and we stayed(I think not sure but that's the feeling I got in the dream ) My husband was in another part of town when the storm came than I was. After this storm hit the buildings were damaged. I thought in the dream that my hip or side was hurt because I started to limp. We were looking for one another and I had this baby I was supposed to protect and that was the only reason we were in this town. I cannot see the face if the baby but knew that was the reason we were in that storm. Everyone was trying to get this baby we had. I was the one who had the baby my husband never had it . There were people who were left that we had helped get out of the rubble the storm left. They were afraid of leaving because of the "bad guys". I talked them into leaving and we all went to another town. We thought if we could make it to this town and drop off this baby everything would be fine. Then the dream goes to these two Dobermans. At the first instance I thought they were trying to hurt us but they were there to protect us. Every time Someone would try to come near me they would attack them. They were boy and girl and they protected me while I was delivering this baby.

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Re: A tornado like storm... Minus the tornado

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:06 am

Hello, Janelletorres -

A tornado can represent a literal tornado or a threat/trial of some type.

In your dream, you recognized that most of the people in the town had left or were leaving. Does that same situation fit an area of your life - family, work, church? Do you recognize how a storm is coming or may have already passed through any of these areas?

The baby could be a literal baby or symbolic for something with baby-like characteristics/needs. Something that requires your care. Is there a situation in your life where you're remaining in something for the sake of something new or that cannot care for itself, yet?

For the Dobermans, these could represent God's provision for your protection. They could be angels, or they could be real people who are praying for you or meeting a tangible need. Considering what you initially thought about them in the dream, you would likely misunderstand them in real life with your first impressions.

The part about changing towns - This is probably a goal or target for you to make it to in real life where you feel you'll (and the baby) be alright once you arrive. A different job, another church, etc...a change in your current circumstances.


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