Finding Love In My Dream

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Finding Love In My Dream

Post by Den on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:23 am

In my dream there is a contest (a game) going on, the woman had to say something romantic to that men, and if that men like it he choose that person to be with.

The game was over before it was my turn.  But the men had chosen me anyway.  He said that he felt something for me right from the start of the game and it was the same for me.  We felt the same way for each other.  

We hug and kiss each other.  I wanted to tell him my romantic poem I have wrote for him for the game and he told me I don't need to do it.   He told me he was born again christian.  He told me that he had to find a computer.  I offer my computer and he told me that I have to promise him not to look at his résumé and I said yes, I promise.

We went for walk, and we hear gospel songs from a church, we went inside sit together and enjoyed the music.

2 days after this dream:

I dreamed I was getting married.  I felt in the dream I have to hurry, I put the white wedding dress on and I said to my daughter I did not have the time to take a bath and she says to me mom you should take a bath you have time, and I did and put on the wedding dress again and was waiting for the groom.

Any thoughts someone about the 2 dreams?
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