Reoccuring dreams of Significant Other/GOOD/BAD

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Reoccuring dreams of Significant Other/GOOD/BAD

Post by GodsJoy on Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:19 am

So for a while now I've been having a lot of dreams about this guy I recently had a thing with, what sums up the situation between me and him, is that he was the perfect guy for me, just wrong timing. Since we were at a Discipleship Training School, where dating isn't allowed, we had to avoid having too much contact, because we didn't want to get distracted. We were there to seek the Lord and Him only, so we put our "friendship" on the altar.

So anyways, I've had many dreams were it would start out with both of us being together, cuddling, or just holding hands, and then next thing you know He would tell me that he didn't have feelings for me or leave me for another girl, then he would start acting like my ex boyfriend telling me I'm not good enough then other people would join in and say mean things to me. So I would run away crying and try to leave the school.
I had dreams like these for weeks.
and have no idea what they mean, they stopped for a while,
until 2 nights ago I dreamt about Him again but this time it was so different, I was in a white room, it was full of people, like a fancy event, I was sitting at a table, then he approached me and we decided to head outside and hangout, before we left a man told me not to forget my purse, so I went and got it, then Tim Allen comes and introduces himself to us, we say hi, but we say we have to go, then he asks if we have our phones with us?, I check and I don't, then he say again, take your phone before you leave. don't leave without it. He looked concerned, but not worried. Kind of like a Father being protective. Then I got my phone and me and the guy walked out the door. then I woke up. Overall the dream felt like I was in a christian atmosphere, it felt familiar.

Kind of long but I would love to hear from you! (:
God bless you!!!
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