Wedding dress

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Wedding dress

Post by unaday* on Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:46 am

Dreamt that I was standing in the upstairs hallway of my parents house. I use to live there to. In my head I was thinking what to wear. I had two choices in mind, my black wedding dress or my white wedding dress. In my thoughts I thought that black symbolized death so I chose to wear the white one. Dream fast forwards and I am in the hallway once more wearing my white wedding dress- my side thought was taking notice of jewels added to my dress that was not there before. I only had the dress on half way--I had pulled it over my head so only the torsel part on, not the skirt part. I wasn't sure if it was going to fit anymore. I then pull it all the way down that I am now fully in the whole dress and happy that it fits. My head is down examining the dress. When I look up a tall woman with a scowl expression and her arms crossed is leaning against the wall by the bathroom. I knew she was a demon or ghost of some sort. I screamed out for my mom like a child.I turned to run towards my mom room. Just before I ran into her room I looked back to see if the woman was still there. Yes she was with the same expression and arms still folded looking at me. So scared I kept screaming out for my mom. I ran in her room. It was pitch black cause she turned the lights out to sleep. She wakes up and jump into the bed and hid behind her to cover me. We then hear the footsteps entering the room.
End of dream

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