Toddler in my arms, children, Husband

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Toddler in my arms, children, Husband

Post by xochitldream on Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:20 am

scratching chin scratching chin In this dream I saw many kids ages 10 and other random age groups but don't remember to be exact.
As I was looking at these kids, I said where is my son? And then I asked, " I HAVE A SON? (because I DON'T HAVE SONS IN REAL LIFE)
Then in the dream, right after I asked... I answered " I have a son" and all I can see is this boy age 10, light skin, blondish/ brownish hair standing.

Later my scene changed and I am walking, and in my arms I was holding a toddler maybe around 1 year or two and as I am holding this little boy, I am walking to a man who in my dream is my husband...and the man is sitting reading a book to a group of preschool children. The man turns around and smiles at me. I tell him " I just came to give you a hug" Which then he stands up and replies " I want more than just a hug" And he kisses me. scratching chin

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