Blue stain hand woman in mirror rejecting number 60 increase in size 5 to 7

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Blue stain hand woman in mirror rejecting number 60 increase in size 5 to 7

Post by gordie1 on Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:12 am

I dreamt that the church were away together. I had a huge blue stain on my hand like a pen had leaked. I approached my pastor and he was full of compassion and he said he would pray for me as I washed it away. I went up to the bathroom and scrubbed away at this stain but it would not go away. I looked into the mirror upset and instead of a mirror there was a TV and on the screen there was a pregnant woman called Hope in a furniture store and she was looking at a luxury recliner chair which was blue with a price ticket on it for 60 and she told her mother she was not going to buy it as it was too costly. And her mother said she was very proud of her decision and said"Well Done" I went downstairs and the pastors wife was setting tables for a meal and I asked what I could do to serve and she told me to help set out tables, she told me that she was setting the tables for 5 people but she then told me there was going to be an increase and we needed the table to be set for 7. I looked down at my hand and the stain had changed to the colour red. Then the pastor made an announcement that there was going to be a time of resting and soaking in God's presence and we were to lie on the floor between two chairs. (I then woke up)

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