Pink sweaters and blue/green timberland boots

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Pink sweaters and blue/green timberland boots

Post by MrsLena on Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:25 am

Scene 1
I had been outdoors readings, took a break, went in and came back out, saw 2 really large deers, I was a bit apprehensive, so decided to go back in. It appeared to be evening outside.
While inside I felt I had accomplished a lot faster that day, the thought of making hot chocolate crossed my mind (one of my fav ways of winding down). I could sleep earlier too, I remember telling whoever was with me in the house, it was about 10mins past midnight.

Scene 2
I was now checking out a new town house, climbing upstairs. It appeared my brother was on the sofa upstairs.

Scene 3
Scene changes and it is now my childhood home. My brother is in my parents' room on the bed resting/sleeping, and I am in what used to be my own room.
I am preparing for something the next day. I look and see hanging, clothes I didnt know I have, like sweaters, in different shades of pink.
My mom comes in, she had bought blue/green timberland boots, and wanted to return them. She wasnt sure which mall she got them from, had been out shopping, but apparently my sister takes the receipt looks it up online, and says its at the store in Compton (California). I remember thinking "bad area", and the boots were really nice to look at, but we all felt they didnt suit her needs, so wasnt worth it.

Please any thoughts? God bless you.

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