horses and riddles in class

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horses and riddles in class

Post by globalhealth4 on Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:29 am

Hey there!

Two dreams in the same night. The first was that of me looking at a horse trying to keep up with a bigger horse---that horse looked stout. The horse that was trying to keep up was a little smaller and spotted. I was the one riding it and I could also see myself from the side view which was weird. I could not tell who the person was riding the stout brown huge horse, faceless almost. And i kept kicking the horse to keep up and once we caught up, this spotted horse stopped and for some reason I knew he was going to blow up. And he did---woke me up out of my sleep!

The next dream I was inside of a class and I choose a seat in the middle of the class. The teacher passed out papers for an assignment that I did not understand. It was about 4-5 sheets. Math which I am not quick like I would like to be and another sheet that had riddles seem like that I had to solve but I did not understand. And everyone else seemed as though they have been there in that class before and I was new or had been absent and I was just getting back. nerd scratching chin

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