Dream about my family telling me I have cancer because my father has cancer.

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Dream about my family telling me I have cancer because my father has cancer.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Fri Dec 26, 2008 9:41 am

Hi Precious ones of our beloved Father, I pray your Christmas was Blessed and full of joy and rest.

I had a dream this morning I wanted to bring before you. Please pray into this as I am seeking confirmation on this dream.


I was with my dads side of the family and they were telling me my dad has cancer. IRL my dad does not have cancer that I know of. They tell me I am going to get cancer because he has it. I tell them no I do not receive that at all! :stop: They tell me it is true because he has cancer and it is hereditary. I tell them no I am not going to get cancer and I leave.The next thing I know I start feeling the symptoms of cancer. I go to my church and my pastors wife is talking to us as we are all sitting at this table. My calf on my left leg starts to fill up with fluid and it is so painful to the touch and to walk on. I get a little shaken like what is going on in my body and I knew it was a symptom to cancer. I get up from the table where my pastors wife was speaking and I go over to where this computer is and I go to use the phone and I call my ex step mom. (IRL life I have no relationship with my ex step mom and she does not represent anything good in my life or dreams.) I call her and tell her I have water in the calf of my left leg and it so painful. My ex step mom tells me it is the last stage of cancer and it is a sign my body is shutting down! I said, no! I do not receive this and I hang up the phone as I speak out against what she had spoken to me. I think to myself in the dream her birth sign is cancer.( Now in real life I do not belive in those signs.) :stop: Then I go back over to the table where my pastors wife is still speaking to us and she had cancer in real life and God healed her. As she is speaking she asks if anyone needs prayer to please let her pray for us. I was struggling because I had so much hit me physically since coming home from mission school in Africa in real life, and now I had to come to her again and ask her for prayer for cancer. So I went to her and asked her to pray for me.

I woke up from this dream and felt the calf on my left leg really hurt.

Thanks and many Blessings to you
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Re: Dream about my family telling me I have cancer because my father has cancer.

Post by bluejeankid on Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:55 am

:HiBye: Jeanie, read your post. This is just my thinking. I pray that it will help. To me your left leg hurting and being filled with water is the Holy Spirit. You have been having trouble in your body. You have been prayed over time and again. Your tired of this routine and would just really like to be healed. I think that the Holy Spirit is telling you that it is a process. A painful one.A spiritual one. One where He will help you deal with past hurts (ex step mom). Maybe if you talk to this woman that was healed you will find out that this is the same process she went through to be healed. God wants to heal you from the inside out. What do you think? If this is way out of line please forgive. My best to you.

:cmere: BJK
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