blueberry pound cake

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blueberry pound cake

Post by Jazzy on Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:21 pm

A few people from my family were at an old rich man's house (I've had dreams about this house before and knew it's of an elderly rich man). My mother was at the kitchen table talking to him.

One of my cousins (she is an identical twin if that matters at all) and I were having a competition in the living room as to who can cut the most slices of my blueberry pound cake. The cake was in a loaf pan. We alternated cutting slices randomly in the cake until there wasn't any more space to slice it. I cut my final slice and passed it to her. She looked at the cake for a little while and then passed it back me because there wasn't anywhere to make a slice. I was so happy I won because previous times I lost.

There were about 4-5 other people in the living room, so I passed the loaf pan around with the cake in it so we could eat it. I ate a slice and was amazed at how delicious my blueberry pound cake tasted. I knew pound cake was tasty, but never thought a blueberry pound cake could taste just as good. I could see speckles of blueberry and thought the cake's sweetness was right on the dot. My family complimented me on my cake as well. Two people who were upstairs ran downstairs to get a slice.

Any thoughts about this? Thank you

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