Trying to take a flight

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Trying to take a flight

Post by pewilso512 on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:26 am

I was going on a trip to another country with a small school group. I helped the teachers take all the luggage to the airport. The group walked to the airport. We were pulling the luggage on a homemade sleigh. It was a struggle pulling it. When we got to some stairs, a few male teachers came to help out. I was relieved. I didn't think I could get the heavy luggage up the steps. I grabbed my luggage and headed to the airport. I went straight in to the boarding area. I looked in my bags to see what clothes I had because I didn't remember properly packing them. I did not have any matching clothes or shoes. Then I remembered that I didn't get my boarding pass. I rushed out the airport with my bags to go back to get some clothes. I had time because the plane leaves at 11:30pm, and it was 6:30pm. I went to the city train station to ride the train back, but I could not pay the train fare. The fare machine was gone, and the line to the customer service person suddenly was too long. crying
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