Emergency landing, Lemon cakes and a singer for get her song

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Emergency landing, Lemon cakes and a singer for get her song

Post by Rebuilding a home on Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:56 am

Dream 1: Emergency Landing

I was riding in a plane and all of sudden I looked out the window and saw the plane was low over the water and two twisters were hovering over the water. The plane then landed in a baseball field and when everyone got out the plane took off. Suddenly two of my cousins appeared and a guy who apprearently was my boyfriend which is strange because I'm married. The guy was very attentive and took me to dinner and then we were at house were we seemed to be very comfortable with one another then I woke up.

Dream 2: Lemon cakes

I was hired to do an event for a guy that I did not know so he gives me the details of what he looking for then walks away and comes back and says he also needs lemons cakes. Then I see myself standing in a clothing store talking to a stranger about needing to order lemon cakes, when I hear a voice say " It is I that have caused something's to be hidden but my plan shall be completed. I am going to work things out". In the dream I was the only one that heard the voice. The lady I was talking to kept talking as though she did not hear anything.

Dream 3: Singer forgets the song

In this dream my best friend who is pregnant was called to lead praise and worship as she tries to play the keyboard she starts to fumble forgets the song and starts to cry. The pastor comes over her to her a few times and she says something in his ear. She tried a couple times to get the song but she could not get the song and started crying. So I went up to get her and console her. Then another praise team came up and the lead singer's voice kept cracking.

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