My Hometown, In Germany

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My Hometown, In Germany

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:06 am

The first scene of the dream was me watching an aunt, possibly on TV. It seemed that she was the host of some talk show. I understood that she was just returning to work after being unable to do this show for a while. However, now she was back, and she really seemed to be enjoying what she did.

The show was in German, and the guests spoke German. My aunt didn't, save for a word here and there...but she interacted with the guests without any sort of interpreter, even if they didn't fully understand each other. Again, the whole thing seemed to be great fun for her.

I also thought about my cousin and her husband living in this place, and how neither of them would speak German, but somehow were getting along fine. In real life, this aunt, daughter and husband live in Washington state.

The scene changed to where I was standing with my mother in a dark lot at night. Looking at the area surrounding this lot, I saw that I was in a spot in my hometown in real life. However, I was aware that this was Germany. It felt as though we had just finished a day's work and that it was time to go home. Other employees had already begun walking home and did not travel with us. I knew the route that they had taken - I looked at the outskirts of this lot and saw streetlights here and there, but they only illuminated the areas directly beneath them. Then, I said to my mother that my cousin had mentioned how it wasn't safe to walk down those streets.

The entire time I was in these scene, we were standing next to a black van with windows that you could not see through. My mother asked me what we should do to go home, and I said that we should try this van. I opened the sliding side door and could hardly see the seats in first row of the backseat area. I jumped into the van and felt around to the row of seats behind this, and felt the legs of someone who was sitting there in the shadows. Instantly, I felt that I had fallen into a trap and was overcome with fear.

I woke up at this point and it took me a bit to calm down.

If it helps, my mother often represents the Lord in my dreams.

Any thoughts/prayers are welcome.

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Re: My Hometown, In Germany

Post by SisterinChrist on Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:15 am

Hi Mark.,. just thoughts here...

well the beginning of the dream sounds like maybe your cousin(or someone she might be symbolic of) might be given a platform to maybe preach/evangelize? (something they might have let-of long time ago) however when they do start they willl not feel uncomfortable... and will feel like its the right thing to do...

2nd part of dream - recently i've also had dreams where im going home, but in my childhood hometown, which is also another country. to me, although i'm not 100% sure yet, is about finally reaching your home..where u are happy. and at ease. As I have been going through a lot of trials, and have been praying for God to pls take me to my promise Land.

before you reach your home, looks like there will be some traps that the enemy has layed before you.... Might be good to pray and ask God to reveal this to you...

these are just my thoughts
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