Sean John--Puff Daddy

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Sean John--Puff Daddy

Post by Hector70 on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:13 am

the dream was ....I saw Puff Daddy(Sean John) in front of 100's of people that where opposing him. the people where in bleachers and they all where speaking negative things about him, that you are college drop out and that you will never make it etc... he began to somehow do some sort(leg press-weight lifting machine) of pushing against the crowds...i saw the strain, his eyes all most poping out because all the effort he putting in to this and finally he somehow he able to push the bleachers back to its place because it was trying to crush him...and he at the top of the bleachers reaciving recogniction because he made it to the top.

that was the dream...this morning i get up and my left hip murt...i'm sort of limping...which has never happen in my life. it's really bizarre.
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