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Post by ellycat316 on Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:37 am

I could see a large round ball of light high in the sky. Apparently it was night. As I gazed upon this light I thought that is strange! Although it was dark all around this beautiful projection, I could see objects within this light and I could see the color of light blue (the color of the sky). I kept starring at it. Then as I turned around to my left, I could see another ball of light like the first, but this had some sort of diagram within it. Again, I could see the color light blue within this projection. For some reason, I seem more drawn to the ist ball of light. I was in awe.
Next scene: I was looking at a large picture of a man hanging on the wall and below his picture the name Adam (donít remember the last name) and there was a year next to it (maybe 1976) Iím not sure. Then as I turned to my left there was another large picture of a man hanging on the wall. His name was also below his picture with a date, but I donít remember his name or date.
I remember thinking oh, that explains what I saw! It seems these men were presently speaking, or going to speak through the media.

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Post by Basham on Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:17 am

That's amazing as I was just meditating and had a vision of being in a ball of light traveling different places and praying for different things. I think it definately sounds like a Kingdom thing, a God thing. . . It reminds me also of the mysterious Keys of the Kingdom Ball of Light or Energy of God prophecy I heard a while back.

The fact that the other one had diagrams in it is interesting. Could be a download that God wants to give you? Ask Him to give you what ever kind of annointing or input He had in store!

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