Class Reunion With A Lot Going On

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Class Reunion With A Lot Going On

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:11 am

I've had a number of "Reunion" dreams, lately...

I was attending a high school reunion of sorts. I was being brought there with my mother and sister. I got the feeling that I wouldn't have gone on my own, so they were the force behind my choice to participate. The place was this run down sort of building, and it felt like it was downtown, somewhere. There was a very long hallway that you'd travel down to get to the center area where the reunion was. I say center area, because there was another hallway that led out from the other side. Sitting here, it sorta reminds me of a bowling alley from my childhood. Didn't think that in the dream, though.

We reached the center area, and I found out that it was an event where everyone wore roller skates. I was not terribly thrilled about this, but I did it. One of the first people that I met was a childhood friend who I knew into my retail years since he worked at the store. By that time in his life, he had developed pretty bad scoliosis, which made it tough for him to walk without being close to falling. In the dream, though, I was surprised to see him again, and to see that this condition wasn't as severe as it was when I last saw him.

Next, I saw a small group of classmates who I wasn't all that close with, but who I didn't have any problems with, talking among themselves. One of them addressed the valedictorian, saying that she's the only one left with their family name. At first, I understood that to mean that her brother had passed away - I'm not sure if she has one in real life. However, I soon realized that something had happened where her brother had given up his last name and had taken on another one - I think he had married or something. Oddly enough, I saw that this girl was there with her husband (someone I don't know). In real life, this makes the comment about having her family's name a little confusing.

Eventually, the time came to leave this reunion. My family was no longer a part of the dream. However, I was going to give a coworker a ride home. This same coworker had been showing up in quite a few of my recent dreams. He followed me out of this place to the parking lot. Once outside, someone asked me where the reunion was and how to get there, so I walked with them a bit back to the hallway that led toward it. However, I looked inside and found that the hallway's floor was covered in manure, so I directed this person to take an alternative hallway. Then, I returned to locating my car.

It was now raining outside, and I was walking among other classmates through the parking lot. Right in front of me was an ex-girlfriend, and she was being a little squirrelly in the rain, so I jokingly said, "Hey, [Last Name], keep it down." Right after I said it, I remembered that her last name was different since she was now married, but I didn't correct myself because it would make too much of a deal out of a simple mistake. She and I ended up walking together, chatting a bit and actually enjoying this brief meeting. Then, we reached a point where we had to separate to go on to our individual cars. I took her hand and sincerely thanked her for this meeting, saying it was really good to see her or something like that. Then, I went on my way a bit further.

Somewhere during that meeting, I was separated from that coworker.

I came across one more person in the parking lot. She's actually a girl from my sister's class, two years younger than me. Apparently, she had been at the reunion and was having difficulty finding her car. She looked like I remembered her to look, but she seemed to have too much makeup on. I decided to help her find her car.


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