A Field of "Coal Flowers"???

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A Field of "Coal Flowers"??? Empty A Field of "Coal Flowers"???

Post by Cholette on Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:41 pm


Can someone help me with this dream please??

I was at a church service and my pastor was up front. The sanctuary wasn't the one we have now, but it was packed with different people. Two rows behind me was a white gentleman and an Asian woman. The gentleman stood up and began to talk about how fluent he and his wife were able to speak a couple of languages. One of them was an Asian language. I turned around and there was another Asian couple in the back that seemed relieved by what they were hearing. Then the gentleman said that he wanted to join the church. They went to the front and I ran to the back to grab membership profile forms (I am over the New Member's committee in my church). It took me a little longer than usual and Pastor said "we normally have someone standing here to receive you" and I yelled out "Here I come!" Everyone started laughing as I carefully began to run and slide my way to the front. I placed the profile forms on the clip board and gave one to each of them. The Asian woman wouldn't fill it out...she wanted him to do it. I kept handing her the clip board and she said she couldn't fill it out. In my mind, I figured she couldn't write. I gave it to him and he filled it out. I ran outside and Pastor was waiting in the car for me to give him the forms (he normally doesn't get the forms after they are filled out). The clock said 9:44 and Pastor was rushed because he had to make it to another service.

The dream switched to the pastor's wife and myself walking down a country dirt road. There was a huge field of tall green grass. We came upon a patch of white flowers and the pastor's wife called them "coal flowers". As we turned around to look back the way we came, there were patches of these coal flowers everywhere. No sooner than we turned back, there was a patch of dead coal flowers that were brown. A Hispanic lady was watering the different patches of coal flowers. It seemed as soon as she watered them, they bloomed.

I looked online to see if there was such thing as a coal flower and a receipe came up. Here is the receipe and instructions:

3 Tbsp amonia
3 Tbsp liquid bluing
3 Tbsp of rock salt
3 Tbsp of water
Food coloring
1 lump of coal

Place coal in shallow container such as a saucer.
Mix first 4 ingredients until slightly dissolved.
Pour food coloring on top of coal and add solution.
Watch grow.
When flower gets old and white, rinse it in water and watch it regrow.
It can be rinsed up to four times.

What does THIS mean?? Help!!! thinking

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A Field of "Coal Flowers"??? Empty Re: A Field of "Coal Flowers"???

Post by daphanie02 on Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:01 pm

wow, no ideas cholette...sorry. thats pretty amazing though. ive never heard of a coal flower till now

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