Mixed Signals

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Mixed Signals

Post by SeekingUnderstanding on Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:13 pm

My dream began in a lounge club with a large stage and space. 3 of my friends, a guy i dated and myself were at the table but the building was empty but for a few other ppl. I was having fun but my friends were unaware that i was dating the guy.

i excused myself from the table to go the restroom that was a long walk across the room. on the way i see the guy i like with another girl rubbing her feet. IRL this guy doesnt like feet and I enjoy foot rubs but he wouldnt do it. I was angry at him and started shouting and went to the restroom. He ran after me and even entered the ladies room I went into a stall and he followed me there.

I was standing on the toliet and yelling at him to get out and i cldnt hold it any longer and started urinating he actually stepped into the stream of urine for a second. i was shocked and he had a strange look on his face then he lefted.

when i leave the restroom the stage is lite and more ppl are there and the guy i liked was on the stage trying to get my attention. i kept walking to the door but my friends stop me and were dressed in long formal dresses. they told me i shld listen to what he has to say.

they tell me to pick one of 4 dresses hung on a rack. im still resisting and telling them i just want to leave and start crying. my friends calm me down. when i stop crying the guy proposes and i accept. the very weird part is that we no longer look like ourselves but a different race and we move into home and the guy is standing in the backyard and i see him progress into an old man. in the background life is moving around him. i see get-togethers happening, seasons change, and children and grandchildren hugging him.

what could this mean? the guy in the dream i dated but we never became a couple and stopped talking months ago and only recently we started communicating, through texting mostly, with small talk.

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