What do you know about turtles?

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What do you know about turtles?

Post by bluejeankid on Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:43 am

:HiBye: . I had this dream . It was dark out but it was comfortable for me. I was walking down a residental street and found my car. I got in the car and was looking for a place to park it. It was a station wagon.I drove by a parking lot but there was no room to park so I continued on down the street until I found a small grassey area down off the road. As I do this I see two turtles. Cool I'll go get them and put them in the trunk for Alex. So I park and go pick up the turtles. As I walk past the car I see that on the driver side the passenger door is missing. :huh: I look and think, How did that happen? Thats weird. The door is just gone. No signs of an accident. Well I can't worry about it. It will be alright. Then I continue to the back of the car and open the trunk. Put the turtles in and think thats weird. Station wagons don't have trunks? :huh:

Now I'm up on the street, standing in front of my mothers house. She is standing in the front door. Like I said its dark out but I look up at the sky. The dark clouds split and I can see blue sky with white clouds.My mother asks me, What are you looking at? Just wait I tell her. Can't you see that the wind is trying to whip the white clouds into a tornado ? Its trying to form a funnel. I stood there until the wind stopped. Ok I tell her it didn't work.

Now Iam back at the car and open the trunk. The turtle is laying on its side with its tongue hanging out like its dead. Then right before my eyes the turtle leaves it body and is transformed into a tiny turtle with white wings and floats up to the visor on the passenger side in the front of the car. Which again I think is weird because I'm in the trunk of the car/station wagon. Scratch Chin

Any help? I don't have a clue. :huh:

:thankyou: & have a :christmasbulbs

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