Riots in the neighborhood and Christian's cheering them on.

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Riots in the neighborhood and Christian's cheering them on.

Post by steadygaze on Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:49 am

Hi All and many blessings to you this Holiday season.


I was in a house, I think it was where I am living now, and it was filled with other Christians, and we were eating and socializing. All of a sudden there were fights that broke out outside, like riots, and it was happening all over the streets right in our neighborhood. All the Christians in the house began to flock to the windows to watch what was going on outside as if it were entertainment, they were laughing and carrying on. I went to the window to see what was so entertaining outside that all the Christian's in this house were watching it. When I saw what was going on ,I got upset and went into the living room and just could not believe what I was seeing in this house with the Christian's believers. They were even cheering on the ones who were fighting in the streets. I began to speak out against what the Christians were doing because they were acting like the world, and I woke up.
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