A Teaching Program

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A Teaching Program

Post by gracee (lionhgirl) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:47 pm

I saw an image of a teaching program. The teacher would sit with 2 children one child spoke English, one spoke Spanish, and the students would teach each other, while the teacher oversaw. The program was called RELTA (God knew this would catch my attention, because I studied an English teaching course called CELTA, I woke up thinking huh? It's spelt wrong? I googled it, and it is a real thing, it's the name of an aviation test for international students).

I met a woman at a prophecy conference and we began sharing spiritual things with each other. We were from completely different churches, opposite sides of the city, different backgrounds, total strangers but God brought us together. I believe the different native languages represents our different areas of understanding in the spirit - we are teaching each other from what we both know. And RELTA - the aviation test - I believe that 's because once we pass the test the result is we'll be flying higher in the spirit.
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