A possible husband and a horse show...

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A possible husband and a horse show...

Post by Shan on Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:47 pm

I dreamed that I was set up on a date by a friend. This man had interest in me, but I had never met him. He told me he wanted to take me to a horse show, so I dressed up accordingly. He looked nice when we met and I was very attracted to him.He looked like Simon Baker. However, when we got to the show, he and a friend started playing volleyball in the mud and he had left me on the sidelines. I thought this was very rude and I was offended and got my feelings hurt. I was wondering why he didn't tell me he planned to play volleyball. I felt very overdressed. In the dream I think this man's name was John, which is not the name God has given me for my husband. His name is a Biblical name, but it is used only two or three times in the Bible.

I went inside the building and started looking around at very expensive art work. By this time, this man had finished playing ball and had cleanded himself up, but I wouldn't approach him. I thought he should approach me. Every time I would look his way, he was looking at me and I could tell he wondered what he had done wrong. Finally, a little boy approached me and pointed to a little corner where this man was sitting. I knew the boy was 12 yrs. old and Jewish. He said, "Come over here and talk with me and this man, for he does not wish to leave things unresolved." I asked him if he was training to be a counselor and he said that he wasn't but said that he was a "military brat."(ha!) I asked if he had lived in Germany, but I don't remember what he said. He was very kind and gentle and the little freckles on his nose stood out to me. He tried to get me to talk and so did this man, but I didn't. The boy left us to talk alone. It seemed like we sat there for hours, but was really only minutes. The Lord reminded me and said, "Shannon, isn't this type of man what you have been believing and waiting for? Here is a man who doesn't want to leave things unresolved and has made an effort to work things out. What great qualities in a husband!" This man had a gentleness about him that was so appealing that made me want to lay my head on his shoulder, but I refrained because I thought it would be inappropriate since we had only met that day. When I started to talk, I was somewhat vulverable with him and told him that sometimes I allow myself to be offended too easily and he seemed to want to continue to get to know me. He said, "Wouldn't it be weird if we started going to church together in the same place my first wife is buried?" He indicated that he went to a local church named Christ Chapel (which is a real church near me) and the pastor there had spoken at her funeral and she was buried on the same grounds as where the church was. I tried to remember if I knew he was a widower or not, but this was okay with me if he was.

Later, a friend of mine who had set me up came up to me and was soooo mad at me! She was fuming mad! She thought I had treated this man rudely because I didn't seek to find him right away. Somewhere in the course of the day, he had gone somewhere to be with his friend. I told her that we had the matter resolved and I apologized to her.

In the meantime, I started to look at the horses. They were all Shetland ponies and they had their hair dyed pink or purple. One had a tattoo in the middle of it's body and I pointed it out to the handler. She said that it was a new regulation that all of the horses be dyed or tattooed. I thought it was weird, but didn't pay much attention to it.

My thoughts are all over this place regarding this dream. I know some of the dream is leaning toward character flaws I need to address or to be prepared for or I might miss out on something good or make things unnecessarily difficult. I'm also thinking the little boy was Jesus and that he came to me as a little boy so I wouldn't be as guarded with my feelings as I tend to be. I've asked the Lord to take me to new levels of intimacy with Him, but can't find anywhere that I'm offended by Him. Any thoughts are appreciated!
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