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Flooding church Empty Flooding church

Post by Destine on Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:40 am

My dream first starts out with me going grocery shopping for ingredients for my Christmas party. I go to the deli, I see some old friends of mine and we start talking about our former church: Now in the dream, I'm not seventeen, I'm nineteen and home from college. My friend begins to say "I can't believe your marrying" I can't hear the persons name. My friends brother begins to say, "That church is so empty, how can it still be around?".

The dream fast forwards to me being at my former church, the building is different, it's not as big as the older church building. My parents start talking to the Pastor, while I excuse myself to the bathroom. Once again, I see numbers, now I see four of them on he mirror:8,13,4,19.

After I catch up to my family, the pastor's wife pulls me aside, "You have to come over with the bridesmaid dresses," I smile and say I would.
Later, I'm watching the news with my sister, my old church has been flooded.
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Flooding church Empty Re: Flooding church

Post by Basham on Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:29 am

So maybe this is for 2 years from now?

The numbers are worth remembering, it could be a date, and a specific hour and minute of that date. Something in 2014? Either August 13th or April 19th? Or one of either of the hours and minutes of either of the dates?

When you said bridesmaid dresses (i don't know if you are having an actual wedding in your life or not but. . . ) I thought of the Bride, and perhaps you are going to prepare other Brides for the Lord?

Old churches getting flooded always sounds like a good thing. Let God bring in the new, and get us out of the churches and onto the streets, living by faith and serving Him!

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