Driving cars

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Driving cars

Post by dd on Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:22 pm

Hi guys,

I am pondering this dream of last night intensively as I still continue to pull memory pieces together:

I was alone driving a car around the streets of some city, felt frustrated while driving, but still somehow got around. At some point I left the car and walked down the streets. It had to do something with a person I know IRL whom I was trying to confront/ whom I was chasing. We sort of discussed intensely certain things (I don't remember what they were). After a while I saw a red oldtimer beetle type of car. I knew it was my car at that moment. Then I asked the person "Well, do you want to drive it then?" He thought a minute and replied "yeah." As we got in, I saw that the car was for left-hand traffic. (the person in dream IRL is British). And so we drove off.

I have a clue what it might mean as this situation reflects real life, but I struggle with this oldtimer car, why he drove it etc. I'd appreciate some insight in that. Thanks!

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