Son Benjamin has a Wounded Hand

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Son Benjamin has a Wounded Hand

Post by rosebush on Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:13 pm

Greetings --

In this dream youngest son Benjamin comes to me with a wounded hand. He holds it up to me and I see his right hand is very swelled at the joint where the pinky meets the palm. I am thinking it is crushed in there. Question him if he has a fever as he complains about his head. I make efforts to get him to a doctor.

We are at a doorway and he is talking. I note he doesn't look like my son Ben but different. He says he is going to drive himself to take care of the issue himself. I think -- but he doesn't have a license.

Instead we are walking down a long hallway. I see an administrator from work walking with us named Pam Mix, in charge of human resources. I see an open stage running along this hallway and note a dog/pet laying down in the middle of this stage -- thinking to myself -- I am seeing things I did not see before and what is this dog doing on stage?? Then I think of the stairs that run up to the stage on either side.

Dream ends.

Thanks for any help!

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