String of three dreams: closet, tornadoes, getting ice cream

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String of three dreams: closet, tornadoes, getting ice cream

Post by lisamh on Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:30 am

Last night I had a string of three dreams.

Dream 1
I was in the bedroom of my mother-in-law’s house (it may have been the same house as in dream 2), which really was not her actual house. Behind me slightly and to my left was my former pastor, and my mother-in-law was on my right and forward a bit. We were looking at her empty, all white closet that had a hole in the roof where you could see part of the sky and the under part of a second story stairway. The painted ceiling was peeling. I remember thinking that my former pastor and his wife had a skylight in their closet, and I told her that she should put one in because the hard part of breaking through the roof was already done for her.

Dream 2:
Last evening I had a dream it was a beautiful summer day and I was standing in a large yard facing an open field where you could see for miles. Several children were playing in the yard and I was watching them. There was a two story white house, not mine, behind me. Off to the right in the far horizon I saw several narrow tornadoes coming from the sky, but the sky was not storming, and the tornadoes were cloud color. I gathered the children in the house and led several of them to an under the stair closet. I soon realized I needed to get Casey, a boy (@5yrs old), from upstairs. I left the children in a safe place, ran up the stairs, and grabbed him from the upstairs from a white bathroom (a slight right at the top of the stairs). I grabbed him in my arms, and there were children running around everywhere. I tried scanned the unruly children for his brother to tell him I had Casey and he was safe, but I could not find him. I remember thinking to myself that my former pastor was not caring for those kids because they were running around, and I did not see him (the pastor) anywhere. I quickly ran down the stairs started to put in him the closet and join the other children. I opened the door and the children were huddled and I could see a sea of bodies (alive and well), with the light of the door reflecting from their faces. I decided to quick check outside to see the weather, and it was bright and sunny. The tornadoes never hit the house.

Dream 3:
I was standing outside in the same yard with the children playing, and my mother-in-law wanted me to get her something from a popular ice cream shop. I really did not want to go (not a fan of ice cream), so I asked one of the girls if she would go for me. The ice cream shop was close-by. She was so excited to go, and as I was handing her some money (possibly coins), she screamed in excitement that she gets to go get ice cream. My mother-in-law made some snide remark that she did not needed the whole world to know and something else that I do not remember. Then I realized, I had better give the girl enough money for all the children to have a treat.
Any ideas about the meaning of these dreams? After reading your about tornadoes on your website, I thought I should join and ask.

Blessings, and thank you in advance.
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