Three of us had nightmares on the same night ...

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Three of us had nightmares on the same night ...

Post by Stephanie44 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:55 am

So me and 2 of my believing co-workers all had bad dreams on the same night. In mine, someone I care about was killed. In one of co-worker's dream, two of his relatives were killed. In my other co-worker's dream, some people she knew back in her home town were killed. As I said, these all happened on the same night. What does that mean?

I was so freaked out because I have had dreams come true before, that that day I prayed that I would have a good dream about that person that night to know for sure it wasn't a prophecy. Sure enough, that very night I had a dream about that same person's life being spared.

Any thoughts? disappointed

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