Proving A Murder

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Proving A Murder

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:38 am

In this dream, I was shown some scenes from the past. The scenes took place outside my house, but it also seemed like my house was in a wooded area with trees all around and plain dirt for the ground (no grass or anything). Almost campsite-ish. Now, there was this guy who had commited a murder in this place. Apparently, he had befriended this boy...but, eventually, he killed him in this place. Then, he buried the boy's body here. This all took place in the past.

In the present, I saw that this guy had befriended another boy. This new boy was related to the one who had been killed. However, he did not know that his new "friend" had commited the murder so long ago. Again, this was outside of my house in a similar setting. The two were either on some camping trip or picnic - it probably doesn't matter. They were sitting on an old blanket that was spread out over the very spot where the murdered boy's body had been buried - almost with this twisted "the boy doesn't even know" kind of feeling.

Thing is, I knew what I had seen. So, I had to prove that this had taken place. My part began with me at a house that I knew to be my parents'. I was speaking with them and my younger brother. Suddenly, I had to leave this interaction to get to my house and prove this murder. I'm not really sure that I told them what I was doing. However, I took off in my brother's truck (he doesn't have one) and just headed down the road to my house. In real life, the locations are not that close to each other.

Here's the frustrating part: As I approached my home, I knew that I needed to park in a driveway that was RIGHT NEXT TO my house's driveway. As I approached, I thought about stopping too soon and ending up in my neighbor's driveway. I didn't want to do that. But, I couldn't stop in time, and I overshot the driveway that I needed. So, I kept driving, and I decided that I'd pull into this used car lot just up the street (in real life, it's not there). This lot was on the corner of an intersection with a traffic light. I just pulled into the lot with the intention of backing right back into the road and turning around. I waited for traffic to clear up, then I quickly backed up in the road, then switched to Drive and headed back toward my house/the driveway. For a short distance, I was driving on the side with oncoming traffic, but it was just for seconds, really. Eventually, I made it into that driveway. End of dream.

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