A red carpet

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A red carpet

Post by gracee (lionhgirl) on Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:27 am

A friend's story:
For her 21st birthday party she really wanted a long fancy red carpet, just like the kind you see laid out for celebrities. These cost about 2,000-$3,000. She had no money, so it was a dream of hers. She wasn't praying about it, she didn't even tell anyone. One day she felt like walking into a carpet store and asked the man for a quote. He told her the price, about $2000 and she said, okay, and was going to leave. He asked, "what's it for?" She explained how she wanted one for her 21st birthday. He said," I can't give it to you for free... But you can have it for 20 bucks." She ran out to her car and borrowed 20 bucks from her sister, leaving with a second hand, but perfectly good red carpet. Who knows why this man felt led to do this. My friend's only explanation it that it was a desire in her heart, and God wanted to bless her. There's just something about this story that breaks off any perceptions I have about prayer and God and money. And I don't even understand it, but it's so awesome.
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