Lighting and a volcano

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Lighting and a volcano

Post by lilcar09 on Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:22 pm

I dreamed that me, my son and aunt where standing in the living room looking out the window toward the mountains, San Bernardino, CA (This view is a everyday reality we see) When suddenly lighting hit just behind the mountain and then we could see the fire starting to grow and then the mountain became a volcano and the sky started to grow gray, dark and raining ashes. Now all of the earth's foundation in the area started to weaken and started sifting lower and lower. So I called my Mom who lives 10 minutes a way and asked her if she and my bro were ok and she said yeah, why?

So I told her what was going on and the next scene Los Angeles, CA (me and my son were at the house I grew up in along with my Mom and her 3 sisters, my son has never been or seen this house) *reality. In the backyard of the house were a bunch of church people planning to remodel parts of the house, (the foundation in the backyard was not affected) and I could hear other people on the side of the house; then they decided to knock on the back door and tell me what they wanted to do and said this is Mr. ? he's going to pay for everything, but the front of house's foundation also was affected by the volcano because it was on beams or planks so it wouldn sink into the ground. The only way to get in the house was to run and then jump on to the porch but you had to balance your landing so the house wouldn fall of the beams or planks. Then I woke up.

I dream of the L. Angeles, Ca house a lot even though it's been torn down for 20+ years. I have some thoughts but I want to hear what your's are.
Thanks, lilcar09
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