Dating an older brother in a family with an Unfinished House

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Dating an older brother in a family with an Unfinished House

Post by rosebush on Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:48 am

This dream seemed a strange one! I was visiting an older brother's family home and I was dating him. The house was large and unfinished and the family was large, many brothers, and we were all sitting around talking. I took note that my father was present, looked just as he did in real life, and several of my sons. Room has high ceilings -- vaulted -- and multiple really large windows.

At one point we were out back checking over a large garden. A little girl that looked like Maya from my school bus came up to me and pointed out that this garden had done better than my garden. She was talking about a garden I had planted and the seeds for some reason did not come up -- total garden failure. But I noted to myself that the garden didn't look like it was doing very well. I was made aware that there was a gardening system at work in this garden that couldn't be seen with the naked eye pertaining to keeping the seeds moist. I walked along and thought I could see a netting covering the ground. There was some garden growth, but didn't look very prosperous. Also, there was a scraggly tree or 2 that I saw as a part of this garden.

Back at the house, I note the brother I am dating has gone upstairs with the father of this family, along with several others, and a younger brother takes me out to show me the initial house they built, where they lived while they were building the big house. (old settlers used to do this back in the day -- they built summer houses -- really small houses they could put up quickly and later used for various things). When we got to the site he pointed. Nothing was left but a dark spot in the ground where the initial small house had been. I was made aware that they had burnt the house to the ground after they no longer needed it and had moved out. I note that this house was built on a lakeshore, but I could see that a corner of where the house had been was right into the lake and could see the waves lapping at the house corner and shoreline. I said to the younger brother, they must have built this house when the tide was out. I looked back further onto the shoreline and could see something like a huge dune. I said if they had only built back beyond this shoreline hill they could have sold the house after they had no need for it -- felt this was a very unfortunate loss.

Back at the big house I remember thinking all the sons had at one time chosen where there rooms would be in this big house. The big house was not finished. I saw an open room off to the back that I knew was a huge garage area. And a room off to the side with old fashioned very long but thin windows, many of them with a bit of wall in between, thinking it should be a dining or porch area, wondering that one of the sons may have wanted it for a room. The house had not been very divided into many rooms yet with walls inside but most of the house was yet open.

The atmosphere was like a family picnic get together. I could see the mother moving about in the kitchen.


Interesting, I have a friend that has been building a home for more than 20 years -- project got more complicated than they had expected -- also wonder if the dream is about a church fellowship that I am acquainted with. Literally this church had to leave their sanctuary due to structural issues and they ultimately burned down the church here in town. I thought that was sort of unusual and dramatic.

I am particularly curious about the burned down 1st house and the significance of building too close to the shoreline and how that pertains to it being burned down.

Not that the dream is spectacular in itself, but the dream just strikes me as significant. Thank you for any help.

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